For years, Sunday School teachers have been teaching children a simple way to pray using an acrostic. It is so easy to learn that many adults have used this method as well. We like “easy”, right? It is called the ACTS Prayer Model.

A daily visit to the throne room is every woman’s goal but, come on, let’s face it. We sometimes struggle just getting there! And when we do get there, our minds are often filled with other ‘noise’ that prevents us from praying as we should.

To help you out, try this ACTS Prayer Model that will put into perspective the four elements of prayer. A – C – T – S stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

ACTS Prayer Model | Free Printable | Prayer

Four Elements of Prayer

Adoration – Spend as much time as you can in praise and worship. God loves it when we adore Him and acknowledge Who He is. If you are looking for a good place to start, simply browse the pages of the Psalms as they are full of worship and praise. To add an extra element, incorporate worship music to lead you into that place of glorying in God.

Confession – When you are ready to continue, move into the act of confessing your sins. We all fall short of the glory of God and confession and repentance of sins will break down any walls that may have been constructed. Confession also helps us to recognize the holiness of God and our need for forgiveness.

Thanksgiving – At this point, your heart will naturally be filled with thanksgiving and gratitude. Be vocal in your expressions of thanksgiving as He extends grace and mercy to you. We have much to be thankful for, don’t be shy to express it!

Supplication – By now, your thoughts may turn to your petitions and requests, both for yourself and for others. God desires to answer your prayers and will even lead you to pray in a particular way for specific people. Follow His leading and let the words flow. As you seek God to intervene, remember to pray according to His will. His ways are far better than ours and He knows just how He wants to answer each and every prayer request.

That’s a Wrap

These four elements have a natural flow, did you notice that? As you focus on worshipping the God of creation, the other elements seem to naturally fall into place. The ACTS Prayer Model may just be what you need to give you that jump-start!

May your next visit to the throne room be one of delight as you enjoy His presence.

If you are still looking for particular verses to pray, you may be interested in this free download file as well. It is called Powerful Breakthrough Verses to Pray the ACTS Way and is available to all members of the Deeper in God Bible Studies group. Click the pic to join! Check out the other free items in the Library while you’re there!

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Do you use the ACTS prayer model? Do you find it effective? I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment for me.

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