I am so excited about this new feature that the new Gutenberg Editor will be incorporating in its functionality and that is reusable blocks. If you have been following along with me as we explore this new Editor, you will have heard me mention that the building “blocks” is the foundation of Gutenberg. 

Ah, I may be speaking in riddles so let me explain it here. However, if you want to go back to catch Part 1 Have Fun with the New Gutenberg Editor and also Part 2 Here’s My Perspective on the New Gutenberg Editor, I’ll wait for you right here while you read them.

The Gutenberg Editor includes their best feature yet: Reusable Blocks! This will rock your socks, bloggers!
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Edited: The Gutenberg Development Team do not recommend activating the Gutenberg Editor in a live environment as it may cause problems. Any reference I share about activation should only be read and not activated at this point. Once Gutenberg has been pushed out and is ready for everyone to use, then this post series will be a great resource for you. 

So, now you know that Gutenberg uses “blocks” for writing your pages and posts in WordPress. Here are a few of the blocks:

  • paragraph
  • list
  • image
  • quote
  • video
  • audio
  • more tag
  • cover image
  • embedded (think YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • and a whole lot more!

To exit a block, press enter and a new block will begin. You can click the + sign in the circle to the left of the block to change block types. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the scroll bar to the right of the block types as there are many more blocks to explore! 

Click each down arrow to see more block types!

Why Make a Block Reusable?

That’s a great question that I am excited to answer for you. Let’s examine this post so far as it is made up of 

  • 5 paragraph blocks
  • 2 list blocks
  • 1 image block
  • 1 H2 heading block

By the time this post will be finished, it will contain a several more paragraph blocks, a few more H2 blocks, possibly another list block, hopefully, a quote or two and it will end with my final block which will be my signature.

I have great plans for my signature which is a png file, therefore an image block. 

Before I say anything else, I want to ask you a question. Do you ever use the same blurb like your affiliate link or signup form or signature in almost every post you write? If you do, then you will LOVE this so pay close attention!

The answer to the question of why make a block reusable is to save you time, frustration and make writing your posts much easier. 

How to Make a Block Reusable

So, now we know the why we want to make a block reusable, let’s learn how to make a block reusable.

If you monetize your blog, you are required to have a blurb indicating that you monetize. I don’t monetize my blog so I grabbed a blurb from another site to illustrate this for you. The blurb is below and in a block by itself. You can tell because of the paragraph breaks before and after the block.

(This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on products that I love and recommended to purchase there is no extra cost to you.)

Okay, so now your verbiage is written as required. To make the block reusable, click anywhere within the block. The text will appear black,not faded. Hover your mouse over the block and the popup edit menu will appear. At the end of the menu are three vertical dots, click on it. Another menu will appear and near the bottom of the list is Add to Reusable Blocks. Click on this as shown below.

You will be able to name this block to save it, as shown below. I titled it Affiliate Link. 

The WordPress Dev Team thought of everything. You can tell if you made a block reusable by the symbol in the far left corner of the block. It looks like this.

This image, above, shows the faded block view which shows the reusable symbol, however, when you click IN the block, you will see the block name that you saved, as shown below.

If the reusable block name doesn’t work for you, you can edit it to a more suitable name. 

Can you imagine the possibilities now? I sure can! 

Reusable Blocks is one of many features in the new Gutenberg Editor. You'll love the potential that Reusable Blocks will give you in your blog writing!
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Using a Reusable Block

Okay, so now we designed a reusable block, how do we use it in another post? Great question! 

When you are starting a new block, there will be a + in a circle to the left of the block. Click it. This will allow you to add a block. 

At the top of the block list, is a search field. If you remember the name of the block, type it in the search bar. If you don’t remember it, use the scroll bar to find the section called Reusable Blocks. Click the down arrow to see the list of reusable blocks you created.

The image below shows when you scroll to the bottom of the block list, the Reusable List has options to choose from. 

At this point, when you select on the block name you are interested in, a Preview appears to the right (not shown). Make your selection and voila! the block appears saving you time and frustration having to type it over and over again!

Now, don’t you think this is easier to do than copy/paste from an outside source such as blurbs kept in a file in Word or Keynote, etc? I sure think it’s easier! 

Quick Discovery of Other Blocks

Now you’ve had a fairly good test drive in the new Gutenberg Editor. There’s still much left to discover and I’ll have to leave that for you to explore on your own. I believe that you can be successful in writing your first blog post using this new Gutenberg Editor (I keep wanting to say Glutenberg, do you?)

While I’m no expert at Gutenberg, I have a fairly good understanding of how it works and based on my perspective, I think this is an excellent move for the WordPress Development Team. Bloggers will have more options available to them at the click of the mouse. 

For example, you will be able to use Drop Cap by turning on the toggle switch under the Block Menu on the right-hand side. From that same menu, you can add colour to either the whole paragraph block or to the text within the block. I’m sure you could do something funky like a black background with white text. Hmmm. Let me see. 

Oh, that does look funky, don’t you think? Can you see the possibilities though? 

And when you want to incorporate a great quote, you can do that easy by selecting the Quote Block from the Block list (+ in the circle to the left of the block.) But, you must do that at the start of the block…or you can use the Transform feature to change the block from one to another. 

I used Transform for the above block. 

Or you can have a smaller text size quote as well. 

This is a pull quote which includes the border lines above and below the quote, however, this may be theme dependent as there are no border lines in my theme.

you can also include the quote citation here. 

I just got excited looking at this block element called Latest Posts. Wow! If you want to promote your recent five posts, no matter what they are, just use the block called Latest Posts! 

Do you like to have your latest comments from any posts pulled in your current post? Yep, there’s a block for that too!

Wait til you see what you can embed in posts now! Do you normally add videos or music links in your posts? There’s quite a selection of options that you can easily embed into your posts. 

I believe that once you give the new Gutenberg Editor a spin around the block (pun intended), you’ll come to love it! 

The Best Feature: Reusable Blocks

For me, of all the wonderful features that Gutenberg offers bloggers, I think my most favourite is the Reusable Blocks. The potential here is huge! 

So, what do you think? Will you give the new Editor a try before saying you don’t like it? I hope so because I really feel that you will come to love it! 

Here’s what I would like you to do if you haven’t already. Read {Part 1} Have Fun with the New Gutenberg Editor and {Part 2} Here’s My Perspective on the Gutenberg Editor. Then work your way through this post and when you’ve done that, come back here and let me know your thoughts on it, okay? 

P.S.: below is the Latest Posts Block. You can choose to display it in a grid as shown or a list. 

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