Hi! I’m glad we’re sitting around the friendship table again. Can we talk about healing today? More than likely you have prayed for healing for either yourself or for someone else. When God answers your prayers for healing, did you know that it is yours, for good? If not, let’s talk about how to hold on to your healing when God has healed you. A few months back, I shared this testimony about keeping what’s yours and now I would like to teach you how to hold on to your healing.

After seven years, I finally realized that the enemy had stolen my healing from me. But let me start from the beginning so you get the full picture. Grab your cuppa coffee as you read and ponder this teaching of how to hold on to your healing.

How to Hold On to Your Healing. When God Heals, it is yours to keep.
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God Healed Me

In 1984, God healed me from a sharp, persistent pain in my right hip joint. In the prayer room at 100 Huntley Street, the prayer facilitator had a word from the Lord that God wanted to heal someone of arthritis in their right hip. At that very moment, I was experiencing sharp, dagger-like pain. I said to God that I accepted His healing even though I didn’t know it was arthritis. It was as simple as that and I was healed instantly, praise the Lord!


The Enemy Came to Steal

The enemy tried several times to steal my healing within the first year. In fact, it was less than two months after the healing when he first jabbed me with pain in my hip. Each time he stabbed me with pain, I would rebuke and resist him. I reminded him that he could not steal my healing. I reminded him Whose daughter I am and he would leave. Over the years, he would return less frequently as he saw that I was standing my ground as I would not let him steal it from me. I was holding on to my healing!

Some Scripture verses to keep handy are 1 Peter 2:24, Matthew 8:17, and Isaiah 53:4–5. Remind the devil of what the Word says.

Fast forward from 1984 to the summer of 2010, I began to experience a dull, throbbing ache in my right hip. It was nothing like the sharp dagger pain. So, I began to take glucosamine for the pain and have been taking it ever since as the pain spread to the left hip.

Fast forward again to one morning in April 2018, I woke up thinking about the dull pain and wondered why it was so persistent. Was this the result of an aging body or was it something more? It was at that moment that God whispered in my spirit that the enemy had stolen my healing.

The enemy is sneaky, sly, deceptive and relentless. He used a different pain to steal my healing, one that I would not associate with the original pain and therefore, I didn’t fight him.

He comes to steal.


Take Back What was Stolen

At the realization that I had allowed the enemy to steal what God had given me, there was only one thing I could do.


So, in prayer, I repented for not recognizing the wiles of the enemy. With tears in my eyes, I asked God what I could do to take back my healing.

He said I had already begun that process with the acknowledgement of what I had done and with repentance.

That’s when I went to work and began to rebuke the devil. I told him I was taking back what God gave me and he could no longer keep what belongs to me. The battle was on and I was determined to win back what was mine to keep. I was going to hold on to my healing once and for all!


Use Your God-given Authority

Sister, as believers in Christ, you have the authority to use the name of Jesus. You are covered by the blood of the Lamb and walk in righteousness. You belong to God and have the necessary armour to fight our spiritual enemy.

Use your God-given authority to fight the enemy

That night I did not take any glucosamine and the next morning I had a little bit of pain.

I rebuked and resisted the enemy again and repeated this until he no longer returned with pain. It took about three days for me to win the battle.

I no longer take glucosamine twice a day, nor do I wake up in pain. And there is no pain throughout the day. I had my healing back, praise God!

So, sister, when God heals you, it is for life. Do not let the enemy steal your healing. Use the authority that God has given you to keep what is yours.


Why Believers Lose their Healing

This is going to make complete sense to you what I’m going to tell you next.

When God heals you from anything, let’s say chronic back pain, the healing is yours to keep. He has given it to you, it belongs to you and no one else. You are healed.

So why do believers lose their healing? What happened?

In our example of chronic back pain, the believer began to feel a twinge of pain and said to herself, “I guess God didn’t heal me because my back is sore again.”

Right there, the healing is lost. You’ve given it away to the enemy. And now, he has the right to come back at you with more pain, maybe even worse than what you had before.

Spoken words lost the healing. Faith was not spoken, defeat was spoken.

I guess God didn’t heal me.

A lie was believed and the healing is gone.

Does God Take Back His Miracles?

Does this make sense to you? When God gives you something, is He going to take it back again? Does He give gifts only to claim them for Himself again?

No, that is not His character. When God gives you something, you can trust that it belongs to you. Jesus died on the cross so that we could have salvation and healing in His name.

So, when the pain returns, recognize that this is the enemy attempting to steal what God has given you. Remember what Jesus said in John 10:10: The thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy…

Stand your ground against the devil!


Take back from the devil what he stole. Hold on to your healing!
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Steps to Hold on to Your Healing

Through the prayer of faith, you received healing. Either the prayer was through someone else or yourself, God healed you. But to hold on to your healing, it is your faith that needs to stand firm. It is your faith that will go to battle when the devil comes to steal what God has given you.

So, you need to build a strong faith. Read your Bible, know what it says concerning your authority in Christ and concerning healing.

Here are a few verses to begin building your faith on.

Exodus 15:26  “… I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

Galatians 3:13  “Christ hath redeemed me from the curse of the law …”

Luke 10:19  “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

To gather more verses, search the concordance for “authority”, “health”, “healing” to name a few keywords.


Steps to Take Back Your Healing

However, if you do give up your healing, you can take it back by

  • acknowledging that you gave it up
  • repent for giving it up
  • ensuring you have on your spiritual armour
  • then stand on the word of God using the authority you have been given and take back what has been stolen. Rebuke and resist him and he will flee, James 4:7.
  • be on guard for he will come back at you until he knows you are serious about keeping your healing. Stand steadfast as you rebuke and resist him.

Repentance is key. Without repentance, the enemy will continually barge against you and you will wonder why you can’t win the victory. So, remember, repentance, then rebuke and resist.

Grow your faith to be strong in the Word. It is your faith that needs to stand firm, not someone else’s when you need to do battle.


That’s a Wrap

I hope this is an encouragement to you to keep what the Lord has given you. It is possible to hold on to your healing. God gives us good things and health and healing is part of that. Stand your ground, hold on to your healing by resisting the enemy and you will maintain your healing.

So, back to you now. Have you been healed and are you still walking in that healing? Or, like me, did you give it up by allowing the pain to take over? Thank God, you can get your healing back! Follow the simple steps above then prepare for battle. Put on your spiritual armour, stand your ground and hold on to your healing.

Do you have a story to tell? I’d love to hear it!


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