The Bible. The world’s best selling book of all time. What is it all about and why it is important to study it? Let me help you understand, even a bit, why it is important for Christians to have a regular Bible study.

Let’s just jump right into this. Bible study is important for Christians. The Bible is your manual, the book that guides you and teaches you right from wrong.

Studying the Bible is a big deal. Let's talk about the why and the benefits of regular Bible study.
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As a believer, you won’t get too far in your spiritual walk without opening the pages of your Bible to read it. Without knowing what it says, you’ll more than likely make some major faux pas without realizing it.

So, let’s talk about the big deal about Bible study.

Where to Have a Bible Study

Bible study can be done on your own or with other believers.

The beauty about studying with your brethren is, you can study in homes, called cell groups or life groups. You can study at your church building or you can even study in public libraries or a cafe. Bible studies can be pretty mobile and flexible!

There are various study methods that you can learn from. This post describes 6 Bible Study Methods to Enhance Your Bible Understanding.

What Will You Learn from Studying the Bible?

What will you learn through Bible study? Well, here are a few things that you’ll discover, and in no particular order:

  • first, you’ll learn about WHO God is
  • you will find out about yourself, how you fit in with God’s plan
  • your purpose in life will be explained
  • you will see that the men of the Bible were just like you in the sense that they often failed God but yet, God didn’t leave them stranded
  • the Holy Spirit will be revealed to you
  • you will learn that you were born a sinner and still are a sinner
  • your redemption has been purchased by Jesus Christ who paid the price for your sins
  • redemption and forgiveness of sins is required to have a relationship with God
  • Holy Spirit dwells in you and will convict you of sin
  • and the list goes on and on

Without a regular study of the Bible, you won’t learn any of the things mentioned above or any of the multitude of other things that you need to know. You’ll walk in darkness and not in the light, meaning that simply you’ll be trying hard to be good but not succeeding.

Did you know that you don’t have to earn your way to heaven? Or, that you don’t have to beg God to answer your prayers?

Questions like these and more can be answered from the pages of God’s Word.

The Benefits of Regular Bible Study

Let’s look at the benefits of regularly studying your Bible. And, we’ll also look at the Why of studying as well. But, we’ll do that over on Mandy’s blog, Mandy and Michele, where I guest posted for Mandy.

Let’s head over to Mandy’s place to read the 5 reasons to study the Bible and also 8 benefits of regular Bible study.

Oh, there is another benefit of Bible study that we often miss talking about and that is fellowship with your sisters in Christ.

A close-knit bond develops when women gather together to study the Word of God. And not just when you study together but also when you pray together.

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