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How a Simple Bible Reading Plan Can Get You in the Word Every Day

Hey! I’m so glad you are here with us today as we join hands and hearts around the friendship table! Let me ask you, does the idea of a one year Bible Reading Plan seem daunting to you? If you could find a reading plan that is longer yet shorter, would you go for it? I know you want to read your Bible every day but with kids, housework, after school activities, babies, mealtimes, and everything else, it’s just overwhelming and you can’t seem to get it done. I have something you may be interested in. It is a simple Bible Reading Plan that will get you in the Word every day. 

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Halloween | We Don't Celebrate Halloween | Turning away from the evil of halloween

Why We No Longer Celebrate Halloween

I gotta tell ya, we no longer celebrate Halloween. We used to, back when we thought it was a harmless activity, a fun thing for the kids, but not any longer. This is a divisive topic, I know, even among believers. We are not experts on this subject but we do know one thing: the Bible. And so, my sister, let me tell you our story of the decision we made. We are not pushing our beliefs on anyone but simply telling you why we no longer celebrate a day that is intended for evil.

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Pastor Appreciation Ideas | Appreciate your Pastor | Build and Uplift your Pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Oh my! It’s that time of year again when many of us remember at the last minute that it is Pastor Appreciation Month. That means it is October. For us Canadians, it is also Thanksgiving. I love October with the leaves changing colour, the spectacular scenery in neighbourhood gardens and yards and the back mountain roads too. It’s a great time to express thanksgiving for everything we have including our church leadership.

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