Habakkuk ~ A Man with a Burden ~

The Minor Prophet Series

The Book of Habakkuk is only three chapters long, that’s only 56 verses. It is much shorter than some chapters in Isaiah, Psalms or even Jeremiah. It is an easy book to study.

Perhaps it will be easier to begin with the background surrounding Habakkuk’s era. That will put history in perspective for you before we begin to study inductively.

Historical Background

Let’s go back in time to the years 650 to 586 BC.

We don’t know very much about Habakkuk other than what we learn in his book. 

We can, however, piece together from other prophets, kings and general history, what was happening in this era. By asking the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how, we will discover why Habakkuk was so burdened.


The kingdom is divided as Israel (Northern) and Judah (Southern). Five prophets, Nahum, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, and Daniel continued to warn the kings and the people that their misconduct and disloyalty to God would be repaid with destruction. Some kings listened, others did not.

After the split of the united kingdom, Israel had 20 kings before it finally fell to the Assyrians in the year 722 BC, under King Hoshea’s reign. Israel ceased to exist at this point. Judah is now all alone to face her enemies.

Young King Josiah now reigns and is nothing like his father, Amon, as Scripture tells us he was a righteous king who ‘walked in the ways of his father David.’ 

It was because of his decision to walk in righteousness that Josiah brought revival to the land. He destroyed the idols and stopped all the idol worship and lead the people in worshipping God in the temple.

Habakkuk enjoyed the revival but it was not to last forever. Those days would come to an end with the death of King Josiah. 

And thus begins the burden of Habakkuk.

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