Nahum ~ Finding Comfort in Justice ~

The Minor Prophet Series


Jonah reluctantly prophesied to the city of Nineveh about 100 years before the LORD gave the prophet, Nahum, a prophecy concerning Nineveh. When Jonah prophesied, the whole city and King repented for their sins and changed their lifestyle. They chose to serve the Almighty God and they did for a number of years.

Rulers changed over time and with that, one evil king after another turned the people away from God til eventually, they returned to idolatry. The Ninevites were cruel and evil people as they bullied surrounding nations with their arrogance and violence.

God places a word of the LORD upon Nahum for the citizens of Nineveh. At the same time, He gives comfort to Judah through the justice that He will exact on Nineveh.

Is God fair and just?

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