Small Chunks Reading Plan

Enjoy reading your Bible

One Chapter at a time over the next three years using the

Small Chunk Bible Reading Plan

Over 6 weeks, you will receive 6 Volumes, with each bundle containing 

  • a 26-week reading plan
  • journal pages to record your thoughts
  • plus beautiful digital designed bookmarks, prayer cards or posters
Small Chunks Bible Reading Plan delivered right to your email Inbox

Reading Plan

Each Volume contains a 26-week Reading Plan from both the Old and New Testament to mix things up a bit.

Journal Pages

As you read the Word, you can write down your thoughts, your praises and your prayers on these beautiful journal pages.

Digital Designs

Enjoy these beautiful bonus files of bookmarks, prayer or praise cards, or posters suitable for framing.

What Others are Saying

I just completed the Deeper in God Bible Studies group 10-day Whole Book Bible Writing Challenge in Ephesians and it was amazing! It held me accountable to actually sit still and focus on the “Word” without multitasking! I am even more excited about working in the new Bible Plan, Small Chunks! This will be my First time actually Focusing and finishing solely on his word with no interruptions! Thank you for allowing me into the Deeper in God Bible Studies group, I am excited for the release of Small Chunks!           — Kim W

Wow! I have four kids ages 16, 15, and two 10-year-olds. Every year since I can remember, I have strived to read my Bible from Genesis to Revelation but I have to admit it is getting so much harder with all the extracurricular activities my family is involved in. I’m afraid I’ve gotten to the point where I just skim through the chapters. This plan of reading Small Chunks of the Bible daily is absolutely uplifting for a busy momma like me! I may even get my 15-year-old step-daughter to join me. She yearns to read her Bible from Genesis to Revelation but quickly gets behind once school picks up and soon gives up altogether. Thank you! — Sherea R

The Small Chunk Bible Reading Plan is a wonderful idea for today’s woman. Speaking from my personal life as a mother, babysitter, teacher, and minister, having a Bible Reading plan that would aid me in focusing on the Word of God daily would enrich my personal relationship with my Father. — Sybrenna L-D