The Study Collection contains all things relating to the Bible. If you are looking for Word or Topical Studies, just click on the drop-down menu and select the option you want. You will also see Writing Plan and Bible Reading Plan in the list as this rounds out sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Book Studies capture the overall study of various Books of the Bible. For example, if you want to read about the Book of Habakkuk, you’ll find it here. The studies in this collection are written in commentary style, meaning, I studied the subject using the inductive Bible Study approach and then wrote it out as a commentary for the reader.


Inductive Bible Studies

Our Facebook group, Deeper in God Bible Studies, is a group for those who want to learn how to study using the Inductive Bible Study Method.

The Study Guides and study resource material are provided to group members. We study together as a group. Rather, everyone studies independently but we all study the same book together. The Study Guides are written in a step-by-step form to teach believers the Inductive Bible Study Method.

Each Monday, the questions from the Study Guide are posted in the group for students to answer, either by writing out their answers or posting pics in the comments. We all get to read what each other has written and when answers are different, we can learn from them as well. So far, everyone who participates loves our studies!

Some of the recent book studies that the group has completed from The Minor Prophet Series are Habakkuk, Nahum, Obadiah and Haggai. If you are interested in downloading the free Study Guides for any of our previous book studies, you are welcome to join our Study Group, access the Library link and download anything you want in the Private Library.

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